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My Waterford Wedding - Insight From Our Couples

Powered by admin on February 4th, 2017

The Waterford Team has reached out to many past wedding clients to not only provide couple’s a chance to reflect on their wedding day, but to bring you some amazing tips, insights and advice to assist in planning your special day!


Couples can often feel overwhelmed when planning a wedding, especially since there are many details that go into preparing for the big day. Here’s a look into some advice from couples who have gone through the experience.


What advice would you give any future bride and groom about planning a wedding?

Hetal & Nirmal – Spreadsheets, spreadsheets, spreadsheets! They will be your best friend. Having everything organized makes it easier for planning and keeping people on track the day of.

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Hetal & Nirmal 6/29/2013

Larson & Nrupa Before you agree to a venue, catering service, or stylist, be sure to do your research. Ask friends and families for advice on which services to use, and be sure to go to a reputable place.

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Maheen & Fazal I advise future brides and grooms to remain relaxed during the wedding planning process. Accept help from others, and enjoy every minute because your wedding day goes by before you know it!

Meghavi & Mike “Try not to stress. Everyone in the family will have their own opinions, however you have to remember this day is about the two of you. Incorporate ideas from everyone but the final decisions should be yours.

Neha & Vishal “Enjoy the moment because it goes by fast. We were dating for about 8 ½ years before our wedding and it seemed like all the events just flew by.

Neha & Vishal 7/10/2011

Prima & Ricken “Plan everything upfront and take the week of your wedding to enjoy time with family and friends. Things are bound to not go as planned but you have to look past it and focus on the bigger picture you are getting married!

Roshni & Rocky – If they are planning an Indian wedding, our advice to any future bride and groom is to make sure communication is flowing consistently between family regarding any customs and traditions. It helped with getting things done.”  

Roshni & Rocky 10/17/2015

Saad & Sameeha “Be very careful and do your due diligence when selecting a decorator and photographer/videographer. It gets stressful and annoying visiting so many vendors, but youre paying so much money. Make sure you pick the absolute right one.

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Sara & Adnan “Listen to your heart. Everyone will have an opinion about various aspects of your wedding, but remember it is YOUR big day, not theirs.

Vipra & Harsh “Assign someone in the family to be the lead for all the events. This person should be making sure everyone else is getting their tasks done and making sure things are getting done on time.

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Vipra & Harsh 9/29/2012


Something Unique

With social media outlets such as Pinterest and Instagram, ideas for weddings are right at our finger tips, from flower décor to guest book ideas to location. Couples shared with us something unique they incorporated into their own weddings and some have proved that anything is possible. 


What is something unique you did for your wedding events?

Hetal & NirmalOur guest message book was really unique. We took some old wine bottles, made fun labels marking them as 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, 5 year, 10 year and 25 year. Guests wrote messages/notes on parchment paper and rolled them up to place in the bottles. We open the bottles on the year marked and read the messages. It was great to see all the messages and we still have something to look forward to from our special day.

Larson & Nrupa “My wedding dress was completely custom made. I wanted everything to be traditional so I went with a very traditional outfit and jewelry. The second thing was the food. Several guests approached me and said that this was the best food they had ever had in their life. I have been to over 30 weddings in my lifetime, and the food at my wedding was by far the best tasting.

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Larson & Nrupa 10/6/2013

Meghavi & Mike We had top hats and canes for all the groomsmen which I thought made it unique.  

Meghavi & Mike 10/26/2013

Prima & Ricken We had my brother ordained and he performed our civil wedding during the reception. My dad walked me down the aisle and Ricken and I said our vows.

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Roshni & Rocky Besides me rapping a love song to my husband, the first dance was unique. The DJ surprised us with what is called dry ice during our first dance. It made the dance floor look like clouds. You can say we were on cloud 9. That moment made us realize how perfect and special the day was to us.

Roshni & Rocky weren’t the only couple dancing on cloud 9 on their wedding day!

Dionne & George 9/24/2016

Saad & Sameeha My sister surprised us with an ice cream cart that served everyone classic ice cream bars that we all used to salivate over when we were young kids.  

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Saad & Sameeha 6/24/2012

Vipra & Harsh “Having an outside wedding and flying out in a helicopter. We still hear people talk about it!

Make sure to Watch Vipra & Harsh flying out in a helicopter! Wait until the very end! 


Favorite Memory

A wedding day is not only one of the most significant days in a couple’s life, but a day that goes by way too quickly. It is easy to get wrapped up in all the preparation and arrangements. It is critical to remember to take breaks and relish every moment of your special day along with every moment leading up to it. We gave couples a chance to look back on their wedding day and share with us their favorite memories.


Please tell us your most favorite memory you have from your special day.

Hetal & NirmalThe final dance. So many people were still on the dance floor and as the final song played they all circled around us as we danced. It was perfect!

Maheen & FazalWalking down the aisle with my dad. I remember my wedding song playing, and hearing my family and friends clapping and cheering as I walked towards my new husband. I still remember how beautiful the room looked that night.” 

Maheen & Fazal 10/17/2014

Maheen’s father walking her down the aisle.

Meghavi & Mike The first moment I heard the barat and the dhol playing. It was right before I was going to see Mike and all our family and friends for the first time. 

Neha & Vishal – Dancing the night away during our reception. Everything was perfect. Great food, great people, awesome music and the perfect partner. 

Prima & Ricken Coming down the aisle in a doli and seeing Ricken for the first time.  

Prima & Ricken 6/22/2013

Saad & Sameeha “When it was time for our slow dance, they put on Brian McKnight, one of my all time [favorite] songs. I did not know they would put that on. In the middle of the slow dance something came over me, and I pulled away from my wife and serenaded her. After that, many other couples joined in and slow danced.

Sara & Adnan   Hearing my entrance song play as I walked into the hall, hand in hand with my husband, and seeing the sea of familiar faces clapping and smiling, celebrating my first moment of my wedding reception ceremony.

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Sara & Adnan 8/14/2016


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